mother and daughter on terrace with gardening tools and furniture

Trends for Terrace and Pergola in 2021

Looking for tips to make your terrace or pergola a cosy place? We got you covered. A few of the biggest outdoor decoration trends this year are natural materials, plants and eco-friendly choices.
woman watering plants in wooden pergola

Bring in the plants

In 2020 the popularity of house plants peaked. This year we will see even more plants, when decorating the terrace, pergola and balcony. The variety of plants is vast and you can choose from pretty flowers to edible vegetables and herbs. If the space is limited, make use of the vertical space with hanging plants or installing a shelf for herbs.

Use of plants binds the terrace or pergola to its surroundings and brings a touch of life to your outdoor space. Plants do require some care, but maybe gardening encourages us to spend more time outdoors.

beige colour sunbed on dark wooden terrace

Dreamy daybeds

The essential element of a terrace or pergola is a place for drowsing. This year beanbag chairs, outdoor armchairs and sofas are accompanied by daybeds. Especially trendy are those that hang from the roof and allow you to swing a little. Looking for a DIY project? Simple daybed is easy to make yourself with some wood and rope. Remember to cover with soft textiles like cushions and blankets.

dark wooden plank table on terrace, vegetable roots and plants

Materials of the summer

Rough materials like cement, iron and steel are forever favourites when decorating the exterior space. They are very durable and don’t require much maintenance. It’s easy to incorporate these materials to any style as metal goes well together with wooden elements – for example a metal chair looks great paired with a rusty plank table. If you need a pinch of modern style to your terrace or pergola, bring in some pieces made of metal and cement.

plants in front of dark wooden pergola wall

Make it last time

Sustainability and eco-friendliness are mega trends that are growingly visible in every aspect of our lives, also in outdoor decoration. There’s no need to buy a new terrace table or chair if a jar of wood oil can turn the old ones into perfectly good again. Try for example tinted wood oil Tikkurila Valtti for Exterior Furniture or Terrace. Patio Verso is a water-borne wood oil, especially made for wooden planters.

If you’re longing for a bigger change, you can also add a little colour to your terrace ambiance by painting a piece of furniture with a vivid shade.

mother and daughter on terrace with gardening tools and furniture

All natural everything

Outdoor decoration of 2021 is all about natural materials. Wood, rattan, jute and for example clay are still on the rise, and are easy to piece together with any style, be it modern, romantic or bohemian. Bamboo or seaweed baskets look nice and are also handy outdoors, since there’s always something that needs to be carried around.

ambiance lights lit up night pergola corner

Light it up

Spending cosy and atmospheric evenings on the pergola or terrace starts with a lot of lanterns and string lights. A pile of blankets let you enjoy your outdoor spaces a little longer from breezing spring day to early autumn chill evening. 

Designer and interior stylist Anna Pirkola from Studio Plenty was consulted for this article.

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