Fire protection for steel

Intumescent fire protection for steelwork

Intumescent paints are used to protect the substrate from the effects of fire. Intumescent painting of structural steel retards the heating of the steel and gives additional time before the steel reaches a temperature at which it looses load bearing capacity. This extra time allows evacuation of the building and a chance for the emergency services to control the fire. Intumescent coatings are paints which swell under the influence of heat to form a protective, insulating and porous char. This insulating char can be up to 50 times the original thickness of the applied coating.

Fontefire ST 60 is a water-borne, one-component intumescent paint formulated for the fire protection of structural interior steel elements. Its protecting effect is based on a strong heat expansion binding reaction that results in the creation of an insulating foam layer. Even a thin film thickness provides excellent fire protection properties.

  • For structural steel elements in internal conditions according to ETAG 018-2 Type Z2
  • Competitive film thickness
  • For various sizes of structural steel “H” and “I” shaped beam and column sections with a fire resistance classification of up to R60
  • For circular and rectangular/square hollow columns with a fire resistance classification of up to R90
  • For design temperatures within a range of 350⁰C to 750⁰C
  • CE marked (ETA 15/0442)
  • Very low VOC content (17 g / liter)


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