Railway vehicles
Various solutions with good gloss and color retention

Tikkurila has a wide experience of cooperation with the manufacturers of railway vehicles. Passenger coaches, freight wagons and other railway stock painted with Tikkurila industrial coatings  are found in many European countries, e.g. in Finland, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia.

Our extensive product range contains a variety of products generating cost-optimized solutions:

  • fast-drying single-coat paint systems
  • one-component alkyd-resin based systems
  • two-component epoxy-polyurethane systems, which can also be reinforced with highly resistant two-component polyurethane clear lacquer.
Fast-drying single-coat paint systems
Easy-to-apply alkyd systems
Epoxy-polyurethane paint systems

Paint systems with excellent durability and gloss/color retention.
These systems can also be reinforced with polyurethane top lacquer Temadur Clear 40 µm that makes surfaces more glossy and gives a longer maintenance period.

Paint systems for freight rolling stock and chassis frames
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