painting yard tools

Beautiful tools make yard work fun

Even the smallest details matter, or at least they can add great motivation to the mandatory housework. This is how Vihreä Talo blogger Annika started yard work with a paint brush. Old wheelbarrows and street brush got a fresh new look and no need hiding in the storage shed anymore!

Does it come across to your mind that, old wheelbarrow could get treated? No need to purchase a new wheelbarrow if the only issue with old one is the peeling off paint surface. But which paint sticks to a hard-wearing metal surface? At the beginning of her project Vihreä Talo blogger Annika contacted Tikkurila experts, from which she got advice and painting instruction. 

A durable surface for wheelbarrows and a final touch up to the street brush

Unica Furniture Paint was used in this project, it is a durable special alkyd paint for wood and metal surfaces for both indoors and outdoors use. Semi gloss paint was tinted into dark green colour N439, which can be found from Tikkurila Feel the Color colour card. This dark green is great for garden plants and makes wheelbarrows an elegant part of the yard interior.

painting wheelbarrows
Old wheelbarrows before
painting wheelbarrows
Wheelbarrows after painting

During the same call with Tikkurila service expert, Annika got a tip that street brush could be treated with Patio Verso, a new non-toxic wood oil for plant box. The brush arm needs only very little oil that you can also use left over from other project like painting the plant boxes! Annika chose Patio Verso wood oil in subdued pine gray which is one of the four ready shades of the product. .

painting tool with Patio Verso
An old wooden street brush had got mildew on its surface. Patio Verso Wood Oil protects and beautifies the brush's wood surface. The terrace behind the brush was treated with Valtti Plus Terrace Oil a year ago and is still like new!
painting tool with Patio Verso
Street brush before
painting tool with Patio Verso
Street brush after oil treatment

Putting idea into the practice

It won't take long for the little tunes in the yard tools. Reserve a few evenings for wheelbarrow painting to allow Unica Furniture Paint to dry properly. The brush arm is finished in one evening.

Wheelbarrows makeover 

painting wheelbarrows

1. Cleaning

Clean old wheelbarrows surface with Tikkurila Maalipesu cleaning detergent. Remove the possible loose paint. 

painting wheelbarrows

2. Painting 

Paint wheelbarrows with Unica Furniture Paint using a small furniture roller on flat surfaces and a brush for detail. Wait for the paint to dry and repeat if necessary.

Making grey brush a decoration on terrace

painting street brush

1. Cleaning

Clean street brush wooden part with Tikkurila Terassi ja Kalustepesu cleaning detergent. Wash wooden handle with plenty of water and let to dry. 

2. Painting brush handle

Use brush to paint Patio Verso wood oil. Brush thin layers to avoid forming film layer on surface. 

Vihreä talo blog

Idea implemented by: Vihreä Talo

Vihreä Talo (Green House) blog is written by Annika Meder-Liikanen, a city dweller who also enjoys the view of field. Living with townhouse in countryside and a home in city, she writes about from painting renovation to flea market findings. 


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