blue wall in workspace

A casual workspace in rainy blue

Riikan blogi blogger Riikka gave her workspace walls a new lease of life with paint. The new, hydrangea-blue Rain shade is soothing and is an excellent match for the wooden and white details in the room.
A rainy blue shade was chosen using a large A4 color sample

Riikka painted her living room walls using full-matt Harmony interior paint in the light-blue shade J490 Rain from the Feel the Color -colour card. When you choose a Tikkurila interior paint and tint it with a shade from the Feel the Color -color card, you can be sure that the color you choose will look exactly the same in your home as it does on the colour chip - in all lighting conditions. "The whole family can use the space that is now painted in Tikkurila Rain shade. The room can be a playroom for the children, or perhaps a workspace for adults." 

Riikka from the Riikan blogi blog

Rainy blue wall and a white shelf
Swift makeover with paint

Putting the idea into practice 

You can paint one workspace wall in just a couple of hours. 


Wipe the surface of the wall clean. If the surface is clearly dirty, clean it using Tikkurila’s Maalipesu cleaning agent following the instructions on the label. Leave to dry. 


Protect the floor with suitable paper before painting. Cover moldings and sockets with masking tape. If you had to level the wall surface or if the previous paint surface is dark in color, first apply a coat of Varma primer. Choose a shade of Varma primer that is close to the shade of the new topcoat. 


Stir the Harmony interior paint and apply 2 coats to the wall. Harmony is recoatable within 1-2 hours of painting, so you can finish the wall in just a few hours. Remove the masking tape before the paint has time to dry. 

Riikka's blog

Idea implemented by: Riikka's blog

The Riikan blogi blog is a lifestyle blog written by an active Helsinki-based mom who explores kids’ stuff, the sea, and products aimed at families with children. The blog takes a firm but laid-back approach to its writer’s life, and explores current fashion trends and phenomena. 

Read Riikka’s thoughts on the project in her blog >> 

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