A change as light as a feather in the bedroom

A change as light as a feather in the bedroom

Musta Ovi blogger Marja was struggling with the same problem as hundreds of people planning to do some painting; how to choose the shade? The scale of impressions found between paper white and a bold effect wall is surprising, and Tikkurila’s color designers and color samples can be a great help when making decisions.

White is a safe choice for decorators but it can seem gloomy or boring in a finished room. Finding the right shades that are not in your face often requires some serious thought. At best, the slightest shade brings the room to life and dears together the elements and materials of the decor. 

Musta Ovi blogger Marja sat down with a Tikkurila color designer to ponder about the colors and shades. Initially, the white shade of F487 Feather seemed indistinguishable, but when Marja took the color samples home and inspected them in her lighting, she could see the true nature of the shade. When I placed the color samples on the wall, I was surprised at how Feather, that had seemed like a basic white turned out to be something other than white altogether. The shade brought together beautifully the grey woolen headboard of the bed and the natural linen sheets and curtains for a harmonious look. 

We tinted Feather with the full-matt Harmony interior paint. The delicately matt surface also gives richness and depth to light and subtle shades. Tikkurila’s Feel the Color collection comes with 263 opaques shades for the interior surfaces at home. When you think about the mood you are after, consider the shade and direction of light, and whether the shade should be tinted. 

Putting the idea into practice

Painting a wall gives the room a new look instantly. A difference in the shade that seems indistinguishable on a color chip comes alive when you take the plunge and outline a section of the wall! 


Clean the wall surface to be painted with Tikkurila Maalipesu cleaning agent. Outline the desired area with masking tape. Use a spirit level or laser pointer. 


Apply 1-2 coats of Harmony interior paint on the wall. 

IDEA IMPLEMENTED BY: Musta Ovi blogger Marja 

Interior design, construction and design blog Musta Ovi came about from Marja's aspiration to live the dream in a loft-style Scandimodern building with just a touch of Danish edge. Marja's blog offers new inspiration and enthusiasm to try things out. The author’s motto is that beauty does not always have to be expensive. 

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