Terrace ready for summer

Get your terrace ready for summer evenings

Known from the Vehreä talo (Green House) blog, Annika tuned her terrace into a relaxed summer lounge. The terrace was oiled in pine gray and the yard furniture was painted in pastel shades. The courtyard is crowned by a sauna and a dark gray cooler tub.
Maalattu tuoli ja käsitelty terassi
Kaunis puutarha

Instructions for the terrace

The whole painting project started from the worn out terrace. The terrace was treated with pine gray Valtti Plus terrace oil, which has unprecedented weather resistance. With Valtti Plus Terrace Oil you get a great color that emphasizes the look of the wood and prevents wood from sticking, fading and cracking in the weather.

Terassin pesu ennen käsittelyä

Cleaning the terrace with the Terrace and Furniture Cleaning removes any previous treatment, dirt, and algae, as well as freshens and brightens the worn surface.

  1. Mix a can of detergent in cool water in an open plastic container as directed on the label.
  2. Apply Terrace and Furnishing Cleaning, eg with a brush, to the entire terrace surface and leave for 15-30 minutes. Then brush the surface thoroughly or go through with a high-pressure washer and finally rinse with water. Allow the surface to dry. The drying time depends on weather conditions.
Sekoita tuote hyvin ennen käyttöä

3. Mix Valtti Plus Terrace oil carefully.

Spread oil by brush or form brush. The ergonomic terrace oil form brush makes the terrace oil treatment easy and quick. The tool also reaches between the boards depending on their width and provides a convenient extension arm.

Terrace oil treatment

4. Oil two or three boards at a time, end to end. Use oil moderately and apply firmly in the direction of the wood to ensure good oil absorption. If necessary, dry the surface after 10 minutes with a dry cloth. Allow the oiled surface to dry until the next day.

NOTE! Cloths and rags, etc., moistened with the product may spontaneously ignite within a few hours. Such waste must be collected separately and stored, eg moistened with water, before disposal.

Garden furniture

While the terrace was being renovated, attention was paid to the furniture in the yard. The colors of the furniture were selected to be summer pastels, Näsiä H417 and Menthol J442. The old bathtub was decided to be painted in M499 Mantel gray to create a contrast.

Maalipurkkien kannet
Maalattu pihakaluste
Maalattu pihakaluste

Wooden furniture

Annika painted the untreated wooden chairs in pink and the wooden parts of the old planting table in turquoise with Unica Akva paint. The surfaces were sanded, cleaned and then repainted twice.

Maalattu amme

Cast iron bathtub

Annika painted the exterior of the bathtub with gray Unica outdoor paint. The surface of the old bathtub was sanded, cleaned and painted a couple of times.

Note! The instructions only apply to the exterior of the bathtub, not to the immersion water load.

Vihreä talo blog

Creator of the idea: Vihreä talo

The Vihreä talo blog is written by Annika Meder-Liikanen, a city dweller who also enjoys living by the edge of the field. Townhouse on land and a home in the city. Liters of cream-white renovation paint and endless lust for flea markets and old stuff.

Read Annika's thoughts on the project on the blog >>


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