Acoustics – noise-damping coating

Solve your noise problems

Acoustics is a one-component water-borne noise-damping coating. The noise damping mechanism utilizes the same physical properties as other products in the Drytech family: large film surface area.

The coating absorbs sound waves and distributes them among the micro-porous matrix that significantly reduces the level of sound at the output. Noise damping level – Tan Delta (combined) 0,116 (VTT-CR-00259-15, test report available on request).

acoustics drytech noise damping color

High film strength and elasticity provides vibration damping as well. When applied as a thick layer, the film also has heat-insulating properties. 

Acoustics is ideal for use on steel roofing sheets, metal surfaces in vehicles and railway cars, ventilation ducts and other metal surfaces in various areas such as sports halls or production facilities, where vibration and noise problems occur.

noise damping drytech

Product name

Specific gravity 

Theoretical coverage

Application methods



1,3 kg/l

1,1 m2/l

Airless spray, brush and roller

White and gray

Acoustics Line 

1,2 kg/l

1,0 m2/l

Conventional spraying or plaster spray gun

White and gray



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