Durable, low-emission floor coating system that helps maintain good indoor air quality

Cozy floor system been has designed for commercial and public premises such as schools, kindergartens, and offices where good indoor air quality and durability are required. It is odorless and has a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. In addition, it improves room acoustics by reducing noise. Cozy floor can be tinted any color to match your individual design needs resulting in a unique look of the floor. 

Why choose Cozy floor system?

Healthier indoor air
Cozy floor is a low-emission (M1 classified) coating system that helps to ensure good indoor air quality. 

Can be customized to fit your specific style
Cozy floor can be tinted to any color to create exactly the right look and feel for the space in question. 

Durable, long-lasting protection
You can create an even, smooth matt surface with Cozy floor system. It is easy to clean and has long-lasting visual appeal. It has good wear, fade and impact resistance ensuring floors maintain their pristine condition longer.

Cozy floor system for office and public spaces
Cozy floor at an office

Cozy Floor system

  Cozy Floor Cozy Floor Mosaic
Primer Fontefloor EP Primer  Fontefloor EP Primer
Base coat  Temafloor PU Flex Color Temafloor PU Flex Color
Broadcast   Mosaic flakes
Top coat  Fontefloor PU Matt Fontedur FL Matt

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