Irina Hanhisalo, Colour Category Manager

Irina Hanhisalo lives a colourful life – has been living since 2006.

Irina joined PPG Tikkurila in 2006 as a colour designer. Her career began as a summer employee - like for many other PPG Tikkurila employees - and the area of responsibility has grown year by year. She has been in her current position as a Colour Category Manager for a few years. Irina has studied construction painting and design.

“Most things that have a colour in a headline land somehow on my table, or I am at least involved in the project. I am responsible for creating different colour concepts, leading different colour related projects, such as colour campaigns and communication, among other things," Irina says.

The annual inspiring task is to oversee the process of selecting the Colour of the Year. PPG Tikkurila chooses one trend colour every year.

“The decision is made by a group of professionals from different fields. They all work with trends and forecasting. We start by going through big amount of data, analytics, trend forecasts, and all kinds of materials regarding what is happening in the world. Everyone brings their own opinions, ideas, and impressions to the table. The decision is usually made unanimously.”

What inspires you in your work?

“My work is inspiring with versatile and extensive tasks, which I can also influence greatly. Sometimes you think about the big picture, and sometimes you focus on tiny details. There are no two similar days, and even challenging days are interesting. You can look at colours from so many different angles that there is constantly something new to develop and learn."

What is your favorite colour?

“I constantly hear this question. I can’t answer it because I love all colours! I also love paints. I always have some kind of renovation project ongoing or I’m planning one in my spare time,” says Irina.

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