This is PPG Tikkurila

PPG Tikkurila was born in 2021 when Tikkurila merged with PPG. However, the roots of our company date back to 1862 when Tikkurila was founded. What started out as a small oil press grew over time into a leading Nordic paint company.

A dedicated community of professionals

We have close to 2,400 employees and we operate in 10 countries in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland as well as Kazakhstan and China. We have production in 6 countries. Our purpose is that we protect and beautify the world and our vision is to be the first-choice partner to meet customers’ evolving needs for innovative paints, coatings and surface solutions.

We offer premium solutions to all key customer segments: consumers, professionals and industry. Our products are distributed through building supply stores, retailers, wholesalers, professional stores and directly to customers.

We have five key brands: Tikkurila, Alcro, Beckers, Dekoral and Master’s Mark. Our other brands are Sigma, Vivacolor, Drewnochron, Bondex, Jedynka, Anza and Progold.


Our company was originally established in Finland on August 14, 1862 on the bank of the River Keravanjoki, about ten miles to the north of the capital Helsinki. Read the history of Tikkurila 1862-2021 by clicking here.



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