5 interior colour trends to look for in 2024

Tikkurila collected five interior colour trends for you to explore in 2024. Get ready for vibrant hues, monochromatic spaces and mood-lifting aesthetics.

As we gear up for the new year, it's time to explore the emerging trends, colour schemes and innovative combinations that are expected to dominate the interior design landscape in 2024! Get ready to this colourful journey and discover 5 interior colour trends that will shape the aesthetics of the upcoming year!

1. Interior colour trend to spark joy: dopamine decor

Dopamine decor is a trend that celebrates the power of interior design in lifting your spirits. Creating a space that resonates with your view of a happy place is its essential task. You can look for inspiration in your favourite decorative pieces or try bringing two nearly clashing colours together.

There are countless ways of realising this trend as a blissful interior looks different for everyone, but when it comes to happy colours: the brighter the better. Remind yourself of the sun even on darker days with yellow, like Y308 Eggnog or even bolder S302 Grapefruit. If you are more into pink hues, strong pink such as Bubba in Berlin or the more peachy tone of K319 Flamingo could be something to try out. For a more serene look, try green tones like M384 Basilica or the cooler L373 Emerald and see how you feel. 


2. Earthy tones in your bedroom or dining room

The right colour can be the key that welcomes you to the space and creates a calm mood. Especially in spaces where you want to relax or otherwise create a welcoming ambiance, earthy tones have an ability to fill a space with tranquillity.

In 2024, even light pink can bring you down to earth as long as you have the right hue such as X417 Pavillion or Tikkurila Color of the Year 2024 Nude in Nizza. Shades of brown or beige can be your answer in case you are looking for more traditional earthy tones. Beige doesn’t mean plain if you choose hues like X463 SandstoneV466 Lama or K480 Tamarix. For a perfect brown choose the warm V463 Desert or go for a lighter option with K484 Granulite.

3. Colour trend - Shades of gold

Layering with different golden hues or having a pop of colour here and there is something to consider next year. Bringing warmth and amiability to your space is easy when using gold. It tends to complement other colours around it and gives the space a touch of glamour.

Add gold to your space with Gold in Ghana from the Color Now 2024 collection or choose the more toned down J462 Gold Ore. If you are working with a wooden surface, 236A Golden life from the Timeless translucent collection is the perfect option.

4. Colour drenching

One space, one colour. Colour drenching is about dedicating the whole space for a single colour, i.e. by painting all the surfaces with the same tone and matching interior pieces to it. Warm colours like L396 Beewax or M476 Rooibos are perfect for putting this trend into effect. 

In easier approach, this trend can be followed by using various hues from the same colour. For example, a more toned down white like F456 Halo with a couple of beige i.e.G459 Halva and H462 Weekend.

5. Power of blue hues

This gentle blue Forget Me Not is fresh and soft, like freshly washed laundry. Use it as an eye-catcher on small surfaces or paint your bedroom wall for a soothing feel.

The classic Indigo is blue at its best, the mystical broken colour includes a touch of grey.

As we look ahead to colour trends of 2024, it is noticeable of the mesmerising blue hues’ strong presence in the colour palette for even the years to follow. Blue continues to be a popular choice, creating a colourful yet soothing atmosphere, especially used in large area such as wall paint. The beauty of blue lies in its versatility. For a fresh and airy feel, to welcome bright summer days to your space, use J356 Sky or try the softer H353 Forget me not

For a deeper and richer blue effect, explore N384 Nocturne, L433 Atlantis, and L429 Indigo for adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your space. When used as a wall paint color, dark blue hues can serve as a striking backdrop for artwork or furniture, making a bold statement in any room.


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