Choose the right products for terraces, garden furniture and fences

Choose the right products for maintaining terraces, garden furniture and fences

What is the best product for oiling an old terrace? Or what paint should you use for fresh new look for your garden furniture or fences? Our guide will help you to choose the right products for maintaining your terrace and garden.

Choosing right products and tools when maintaining your terrace, wooden garden furniture and fences will help you to have the best possible end result and make your outdoor spaces look nice again.

Properly done surface treatment with high quality products will protect and beautify the wooden surfaces of your terrace and garden. So take good care of the wooden surfaces and protect them with Tikkurila's top quality paints and painting oils. They will last sunshine, rain and snowstorm year after year.

Need help in choosing the right colour?

Changing the colour of wooden terrace or garden furniture can make a huge difference, however choosing the colour is often the hardest part. 

We have listed 5 + 1 tips that will help you choose the right colour for your terrace from our wide range of colours.

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choosing the right colour for a terrace

Want to learn more about how to maintain terrace and garden furniture?

Learn everything you need to know about maintaining your terrace, garden furniture and fences from our guide

Do you have questions about choosing the right product for your painting project? Contact our customer service. We are happy to help you. 

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