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How to maintain terrace and garden furniture

Full knowledge coverage for your maintenance project in terrace oiling and garden furniture painting.

Outdoor space at home is the place to take a breath from busy routine and feel free. May it be a well planted garden or balcony terrace in city, outdoor space is an essential part of home and deserves good care to last time. Terraces, garden furniture and fences are some key elements to consider when planning garden maintenance.

Getting terrace ready for summer

It is important to treat exterior wooden surfaces regularly. Painting garden furniture and oiling terrace could be easily done by yourself, when you are equipped with right instructions, products and tools.

By using durable and sustainable Tikkurila products to oil and paint your terrace or outdoor garden furniture, you can rest assured that your external wood surfaces are well protected without harming the environment, leaving you to focus on enjoying your summer.  

Trends for terraces and garden in 2022

Want to discover what 2022 has in store for terraces and balconies? Get some inspiration from our round-up of the latest terrace, pergola and balcony trends, or discover 5 + 1 tips on choosing the perfect colour to paint your terrace decking, from earthy browns to a stylish black.

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5 + 1 tips that will make choosing terrace colour easier

Changing the colour of wooden terrace or garden furniture can make a huge difference , however choosing the colour is often the hardest part.

Tikkurila has a wide range of colours available for painting your terrace, garden furniture, pergola or fences, so whatever your summer garden vision you’ll find a perfect shade to match.

We have listed 5 + 1 tips that will help you choose the right colour for your terrace from our wide range of colours.

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Washing, painting and oiling: instructions and tips to help your maintenance project

Terrace is built to last for years but only regular maintenance will help it look great for many more years to come. When the paint surface of terrace or garden furniture start to look worn and faded, it’s time to think about freshening up with a coat of wood oil or stain. If you’d like to give your garden furniture a bigger change than oiling, painting the garden furniture into new colour helps to achieve a completely new look. The best time for terrace oiling is usually from May to September when the weather is warm and cloudy, and never in direct sunlight or if there’s a risk of rain.

Terrace oiling follows the process of cleaning the surface, oiling or painting and drying. Tikkurila technical advisors have collected all the details you need to know about terrace oiling and garden furniture painting. From below articles you may find a comprehensive instruction of terrace oiling, as well as professional tips on exterior wooden surface maintenance work.

The right products for terrace oiling and painting

Choosing the right product is already halfway to success in terrace oiling or furniture painting. You can easily learn the process how to oil terrace or paint garden furniture, so whether you’re looking for a touch-up or a transformation, with just a little time and the right products you can make a big impact! 

Exterior wood surfaces are exposed to weather and UV light throughout the year, so without proper care they will dry and crack. It is recommended to always use pigmented wood oil either with ready made shades or tined into your preferred colour. Painting or oiling your terrace once a year will keep the wooden surface in excellent condition and help ensure the wood doesn’t splinter or warp.

How to choose the right product for your project
Product choosing guide

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