3 garden styles by changing colour palette

Timeless and classic or authentic or bohemian? Without big renovation project, you can style your garden into different looks with the right accompanying colours.

Painting with colours is a great way to style your garden

When your house is painted in a classic shade such as white, black or grey, it’s easy to vary the elements around it and style your exterior into different looks. For instance, you could style the terrace timeless and classic, sharp and modern or authentically bohemian. 

This article will show you how to pair our elegant grey exterior shade Q710 Aapa with different colours and elements. Choosing the right accompanying shades and objects will make your house radiate the desired style. 


Modern and sharp garden style

Minimalist furniture with sleek designs, natural materials such as wood and stone, and contemporary accessories make the modern garden. Black details in plant potters and furniture play well together with the fresh grey exterior. Try finding geometric elements to add some character to the space. Above all, a modern garden is a clean, simple, and functional space for your laid-back summer days.

A modern exterior style is achieved best by using a natural colour scheme sharpened with an accent. For example, combine Q710 Aapa with light beige like D118 Seitti, grey like Q831 Viehe and translucent beige like 5061 Kaisla, and bring it all together with a splash of black, such as D129 Korppi.


Authentic and bohemian garden style

Incorporating natural materials and a lot of plants will instantly make your garden feel bohemian. A wooden deck in a natural and translucent finish, wooden details, a jute rug, and some pillows will build a good background for this bohemian summer sanctuary. In addition to potted plants, try hanging baskets and climbing vines to create an organic feel.

For a bohemian colour combination built around Q710 Aapa, a fresh grey with a warm undertone, we recommend a warm colour scheme, for example, nice and soft beige such as D100 Pumpuli, a lush orange like Q115 Paahde, and an earthy and translucent brown like 5073 Petäjä.

Timeless and classic garden style

A classical terrace is built around timeless furniture of iron or wood, some greenery and a few decorative elements. Add pops of colour with cushions, potted plants or painted pieces of wooden furniture, even garden tools.

Besides Q710 Aapa, the colour scheme for this classic terrace consists of greyish blues, burgundy, black and white. D116 Kekäle is an intense red and Ilta 5085, a beautiful, translucent greyish blue that complete the palette with summer feelings.


Timeless and classic garden style


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