ecological paint for pier

Ecological way to paint beautiful pier

Viena K blog's Vien has been working on her own summer paradise for a few years. Last summer, the exterior of cottage was painted with stunning new charcoal black color on it, and this year's warm May made it possible to renovate the pier early on.

In addition to the stunning visual images, Viena K blog features an eco-friendly lifestyle. At the beach natural daily products are used, also environmental friendliness becomes the most important criteria when choosing a suitable product. Tikkurila Saaristo Laituriöljy pier oli was chosen for protecting the pier and giving it beautiful finish. It is a tintable wood oil which is developed specially for pier protection. 

pier painting

Suitable colour for the cottage landscape could be found in Tikkurila semi transparent wood finish colour card, this worn with age pier was treated with colour 5087 Poro. Saaristo Laituriöljy pier oil protects the pier deck from weathering and prevents wood from splintering. In additional to not getting nasty splinter in toe, swimmer can take a dip from pier to the lake without worries, as Saaristo Laituriöljy pier oil is completely non-toxic and nature water friendly. You can oil the pier deck directly on the water - meanwhile having time for sunbathing! 

painting pier
painting pier

Putting idea into practice

Don't let workload concerns delay old pier renovation! It can be done by painting only one layer. Sunbathing on a non-splinter pier can be twice as enjoyable!

painting pier

1. Clean

Wash pier deck with Tikkurila Laituripesu washing detergent and water. Same as Saaristo Laituriöljy pier oil, Laituripesu washing detergent is also nature water friendly product. 

painting pier

2. Oil the deck

Using Saaristo Laituriöljy pier oil to oil the pier deck with one layer. A few minutes after oil treatment, wipe away with dry cloth any excessive oil which can't be absorbed into wood surface. 

Idea Implemted by: Viena K

Viena K is a blogger and esthete living in Helsinki. Viena K is a passionate photographer who writes about style, decoration, food and living.

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