How to paint and treat wooden deck and furniture

Find ideas and guidance for exterior paint makeover and care for your wooden deck, terrace, patio, fence, and patio furniture. Enhance your creativity with beautifully tinted, durable and eco-friendly decking products!

How to oil wooden deck?

Watch instructions on how to plan and execute a wooden deck repainting or oiling project with eco-friendly decking oil.

Outdoor living and garden trends for 2024

Get inspired for an enjoyable summer season in your own outdoor space! Find colourful repaint ideas for wooden decking and terraces: trending paint and decking oil colours and more.

What to consider when choosing paint and oil colours for exterior wood? Which colours work together? How to test which colour best fits your decking and terrace? Find answers and start planning your decking makeover!

Painting ideas for wooden decks, patios, fences and piers

Find ideas for creating a comfortable place for enjoying the happy summer days. Every terrace needs maintenance and care from time to time, and when it is time to oil the deck, there’s always a chance for a small style makeover. 

How about your fence? Brighten the look and feel of your property and protect the wood fence against the weather. If you have a garden swimming pool with decking aside or a beach with a wooden pier, choose ecological paint for your repainting project.

Painting ideas for wooden garden furniture

Does your wooden garden furniture need a fresh look? Take some time for an enjoyable painting project before the outdoor season begins. Do-it-yourself painting is fun and the result is rewarding when you use the right methods and a suitable oil or paint.

Painting ideas for wooden terrace garden

Bring colour to your terrace garden and create a lush summer space at home. Gardening is relaxing, pleasurable and useful. Garden flowers add beauty to your terrace and homegrown berries and veggies are a delicious and healthy addition to any meal.

Wooden terrace garden structures, breeding boxes and walls make a naturally stylish background for your garden when you care for them by repainting and oiling. Take a look at our tips!

Painting ideas for wooden balcony terraces

Is your balcony or roof terrace outdated? Decorate your balcony terrace with colours! Repaint your outdoor living room and enjoy a new fresh look and feel.

Take a look at the balcony floor, railings, breeding boxes and balcony furniture – and repaint the parts that are worn out. 

Deck care: how to clean and oil wooden deck and terrace

Outdoor wood needs oiling or repainting: Your wooden deck might start to crack and splint without regular care. Proper cleaning and treatment with decking oil makes your deck new-looking and inviting.

Painting with decking oil is easy and fun. The cleaning and painting work can be done in a weekend – just remember to protect the surroundings, and wash and dry the wood decking before applying the oil. 

Best decking oil and outdoor paint products

It matters which cleaning, oil and paint products you choose for outdoor use. For untreated or oiled wooden deck and garden furniture, the best repaint product is decking oil. For fences and other terrace and garden structures, you may also choose an exterior paint.

Both products are eco-friendly and can be tinted along with your ideas. Just remember, the wood needs to be cleaned before painting and the colour of the wood material affects the result.

How to choose the right oil or paint for your project?

Learn more about Tikkurila wood and terrace oils, exterior topcoat paints, translucent wood stain and paving stain for yard stones. Before applying, use Tikkurila cleaning agent for the best end result.

Looking for tips and ideas for your wooden deck makeover?

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