grey colour terrace with plenty of green plants

Nature starts from terrace

Bring nature to your terrace and create a lush summer space at home
woman planting on terrace

The easiest way to get close to nature is by growing a garden on your terrace. Bringing plants, flowers, herbs, and other natural elements to your deck will allow you to find peace of mind right at the front door.

However small your outdoor space, you can make the most of it by extending the surrounding nature on your terrace. When you build a garden or otherwise bring the spirit of nature to your doorstep, you have  easy access to the greenery at any moment.

Edible plants from your terrace

On a terrace, your opportunities to make it abundant and full of bloom are vast. A mini-size greenhouse will help you lengthen the growing season and get more harvest. By putting some time and effort into growing herbs and vegetables, you have an outdoor larder for fresh ingredients right behind your front door.

Remember to paint greenhouse to keep it a fresh look and to endure the weather. Patio paint is a versatile product that is easy to use and suitable for both wooden and metal garden furniture. It can be tinted into wide range of colour, why not paint your very unique greenhouse that looks like no other! 

mini green house on terrace
painted plant box on terrace

Raised beds planting boxes are perfect for vegetables and herbs. Not only practical in planting, raised beds plant boxes are also lively visual elements that add nature feelings to terrace. Wooden plant boxes can be treated with Patio Verso, a water-borne wood oil that protects the wood against moisture and dirt. This product is especially safe for painting the wooden parts of furniture that is used to grow edible plants. 

Furnish the terrace with comfort and natural materials in mind

Despite plants and flowers, other elements of nature will also enhance the natural feel of the terrace. Try piling beautiful stones and cobbles or adding a water element. In decor, choosing natural materials, such as rattan, wicker, and wood, will help your terrace blend into the natural surroundings.

As protection against sun, wind and weather, the terrace deck and the wooden outdoor furniture will need some maintenance. Furniture can be treated for example with Valtti Plus Wood Oil  for a translucent and natural look. The deck might need oil treatment yearly or at least every other year depending on the conditions, both Valtti Plus Wood Oil and Valtti Plus Terrace Oil are excellent treatment option for the purpose. 

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