Aitamaali Valkea

Dirt-repellent acrylate paint. Easy to wash clean if required.

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  • Repels dirt and water
  • White colour
  • Protection against mould on paint film
  • 805
  • 4 m²/l
  • 9 m²/l
  • 4 h
  • 1 h


  • Matt


Dirt-repellent acrylate paint. Easy to wash clean if required.

Product Features

For outdoor painting of untreated, factory-primed surfaces or surfaces treated with exterior wood surface paints of glazed wood stains.

Recommended Uses

Wooden fences and railings.


Sawn wood surfaces 4–6 m²/l. Planed and previously painted wood surfaces 7–9 m²/l.



Repels dirt and water

Weatherproof Aitamaali Valkea is a dirt-repellent fence paint that stays clean in impure weather conditions. Wooden fences and railings painted with Aitamaali Valkea can be easily washed clean if necessary.

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White colour

The warm white colour fits into the landscape. Aitamaali Valkea's ready-made white paint is excellent for outdoor use, without forming too strong a contrast with the typical earthy colours of the outdoor environment.

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Protection against mould on paint film

The properties of the paint prevent the formation of mould on the painted surface. Loose material can be easily removed from the fence.

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