Solvent-free cleaning agent for cleaning painting equipment.

  • Biologically degradable
  • Easy and safe at home

Solvent-free cleaning agent for cleaning painting equipment.

Product Features

Use undiluted for cleaning painting tools immediately after painting. Suitable for the removal of oil paints, alkyd paints or lacquers and water-borne dispersion paints from painting tools. Pensselipesu will easily remove paint from, e.g. brushes and keeps the bristles soft. The agent will also clean slightly stiff brushes. Will not damage wood, glass, rubber or plastic.

Recommended Uses

For painting tools such as brushes, rollers, edgers, etc.



Biologically degradable

Pensselipesu keeps brush bristles soft and supple, so it now pays to buy good-quality brushes and rollers for decorating.

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paint bucket

Easy and safe at home

Pensselipesu is a biologically degradable substance that is easy to use. Just dip the brushes into the substance, let them soak for a moment, and then rinse the brushes out in water. Pensselipesu is ready to use as is.

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paint brushes

Easy and safe at home

By using Pensselipesu, there is no need for hazardous and inflammable solvents to clean brushes.

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