feel the color eclectic style

Feel the Color - Eclectic

New inspiration and ideas are always just around the corner, so why not put them to use? Eclectic style is built on surprising and vibrant combinations as well as fearless use of colour.

For the eclectic decorator, home is a playground. Life is too short for serious interiors, instead, bring some joy into your home with bold colour choices and personal style.  Eclectic style is all about self-expression and joy.


When designing your home with the eclectic style, forget all rules and go with the feeling instead. If it's interesting, inspiring and makes you smile, it works. Vibrant, playful colours bring positive energy to the home and create interesting spaces when paired with eye-catching furniture and decor finds.

feel the color eclectic style

Expect the unexpected


Eclectic interiors are the homes where you'll find unexpected shades on window frames, skirting boards and pre-loved furniture, as well as courageous choices on traditionally neutral surfaces. Feel a pink phase coming on? Just go with it!


In addition to experimenting with colours, explore the opportunities brought to you by different textures and sheen in both paint surfaces and interior materials. Play with the contrast of gloss and matte and combine quirky colours with your favorite decor objects.

feel the color eclectic style
feel the color eclectic style
feel the color eclectic style



Eclectic key colours


You won't find beige here. Delicious base shades for this look are K503 Palace, H300 Lemonade and Y383 Cucumber - all of them light and sunny shades, perfectly suited for large surfaces, such as walls, ceilings and floors.


Add vibrant accents and take your colour palette a daring step further by incorporating H353 Forget me not, K319 Flamingo, M339 Tango or L392 Ducato.


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