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Trending exterior house colours for 2020’s

Whether you are building a brand new house or planning to repaint your home, this article will give you inspiration for choosing the exterior colour. What’s trending right now?

Exterior colour sets the mood for your home, and it is important to find a colour you will love for years to come. It is worthwhile to take some time to test and choose the colour, so you can be sure of your choice.

Exterior colour trends change rather during a decade than yearly. Preferences in colour vary throughout Europe, but we will give you insight on what’s trending in Northern Europe, where wooden houses are especially popular.

grey modern wooden house with white window frame

The grey era is still going strong

When it comes to exterior house colours, the biggest trend is grey, which has continued its reign for years already. Different shades of grey are easy to combine with any style from traditional wooden house, log house to a modern and sleek home. Grey has a variety of tones, so most will find a hue that matches their taste: try for example Q845 Halli, Q827 Valli or Q710 Aapa.

“The popularity of grey might be at its peak now. Next, the curve will probably lower a little”, says Irina Hanhisalo, Color Category Manager at Tikkurila.


Shades of white have been steadily popular alongside grey. Especially manor-style wooden houses or those with a twist of American style are often painted white, says Hanhisalo.

black modern log house

Black and even more black

You can expect to see more black or partly black houses – black makes a great contrast combined with white or wood tones. Versatile black fits both traditional and modern style, as for example D129 Korppi.

Black is also a harmonious choice. Black and other dark colours usually merge into the surroundings well, whereas light and bright shades pop up from the scene.

“Usually buildings look good in light colours on bright and wide areas, whereas dark colours will blend in nicely next to a dark forest”, says Hanhisalo.

light beige colour wooden house

Go bolder

Alongside with trendy grey, white and black, classics are still going strong: yellow and red will always have a crowd. Anyhow, the trendiest red is a darker and bolder red instead of the traditional red oxide – some houses in need of paintwork take a turn to a more intensive red, like D116 Kekäle.

During the upcoming decade, Hanhisalo is expecting to see more natural shades on exterior surfaces. Everything muted, organic and warm is starting to gain more interest: try for example Q695 Maa, Q644 Kääpä or Q592 Korte. Neutral and natural shades are especially convenient when you want to highlight the shape and figure of the house, not the colour.

“Cold grey is slowly turning to shades of beige, warm clay and mud. These colours are very usable and will stand the test of time”, Hanhisalo says.


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