Painted green bedroom wall

Paint interior cottage walls in the Abyss shade

Local Artisan blogger Sanna painted her cottage bedroom in the Abyss shade. The cold, earthy greenish-blue shade is an excellent choice for the archipelago cottage. The log walls were painted beautifully matt. Here’s how you can give your cottage interior walls a new color just like Sanna!
The broken green was a successful choice of shade

Sanna painted her bedroom’s log walls with full-matt Harmony interior paint. Sanna wanted a broken and cold green on the wall, and she decided on shade N439 Abyss from Tikkurila’s Feel the Color chart. The paintwork was completed in a single day.

"This is definitely one of my most successful color choices.”

Sanna Laurila from the Local Artisan blog

To achieve the idea

Wall painting can be achieved within a few hours with good quality paint and tools.

Wall painting 


1. Wipe down the wall surface before treating it and protect the floor with suitable paper before painting. Cover moldings and sockets with masking tape.

2. Sand down any well-attached varnish or paint it matt. Remove sanding dust using a dusting brush or dust removal cloth.


3. Stir the paint. Paint the room’s log walls with 2-3 coats of full-matt Harmony interior paint. Remove the masking tape before the paint has time to dry.

Clean your tools with water and soap, or use Tikkurila Pensselipesu tool cleaner. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label.

Sanna Laurila Blogger

Idea implementer: Local Artisan -blogi

Sanna Laurila who lives in Porvoo and is furniture restorer by trade, is writing Local Artisan -blog on her free time. Blog tells about furniture restoration and decoration. Peek to new life of old furniture via blog.

Read Sanna's thought of this project from blog


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