Miranol Koristemaali

Solvent-borne acrylic paint for decorative painting.

Key FlagKey Fl
  • Good levelling
  • Copper / Gold / Silver
  • Long lasting effect
  • 805
  • 10 m²/l
  • 13 m²/l
  • 24 h
  • 1 h

Solvent-borne acrylic paint for decorative painting.

Product Features

For decorative painting on new and previously painted wooden or metal surfaces

Recommended Uses

Ornaments, decorations and similar items in interior use.


10–13 m²/l



Application Method

spraying, brush, roller

Good levelling

Miranol Koristemaali is a solvent-borne acrylic interior decoration paint that is easy to apply. It does not sag and levels well.

Product usp1consumer_img
livingroom with brick walls

Copper / Gold / Silver

The metallic effect enamel paint is available in three standard metallic colours: copper, gold and silver.

Product usp2consumer_img

Long lasting effect

The paint produces beautiful metallic surface that is highly durable and impact resistant.

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miranol kuviomaali

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