Yki Sokkelimaali

Alkali-resistant acrylic paint.


Yki Sokkelimaali

Alkali-resistant acrylic paint.

  • 805
  • 4 m²/l
  • 6 m²/l
  • 4 h
  • 2 h


  • Full matt


Alkali-resistant acrylic paint.

Product Features

For painting of concrete socles and concrete and construction block socles rendered with a cement-rich mortar.

Recommended Uses



4–6 m²/l, one coat. Coverage is affected by the roughness and porosity of the surface as well as the painting method.

Application Method

brush, roller, spraying

Color selection

Painting is an easy and cost-effective way to protect and enhance a new or old socle. A properly constructed and surface-treated socle lasts a long time.

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Yki Sokkelimaali

Practically unlimited range of colors

When choosing a color for the socle, the most important consideration is its suitability for the architecture of the building. In addition to the style of the building, you should also consider the surrounding landscape and plants. A light-colored socle makes the house appear taller, while a darker color anchors the house to its surroundings.

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Yki Sokkeli

Practically unlimited range of colors

Yki Sokkelimaali (Socle Paint) can be tinted to an exceptionally wide range of colors. The color can be selected from all of TIkkurila’s Wooden Facades, Masonry Facades, and Facades color cards. Attractive color options can also be found in Tikkurila’s Kaunis Talo color chips.

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Yki Sokkeli
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