black-and-white decorative pattern on the walls of guest WC

Brighten up a WC with a spectacular black-and-white pattern

Talo kahdelle blogger Helena painted a black-and-white decorative pattern on the walls of her guest WC. The fantastic result was achieved using a sponge to create the pattern, and here’s how you can do it, too!
Add a surprise with patterns

Helena wanted to give her guests a little surprise, and painted a beautiful pattern on the guest WC wall in black and white using the semi-matt Luja and Remontti Ässä paints.

Luja is the best choice for a room that is exposed to dirt and high levels of wear, such as bathrooms and dressing rooms, and Remontti-Ässä is a durable and washable renovation paint for interior walls.

The popular white color F497 Paper was selected for the background and the pattern was made with Y498 Midnight from the Feel the Color chart.

“It was a brilliant result! It only took a few hours, but we laughed the entire time. Art is in the eyes of the beholder! Thank you to my helpers!"

Helena Valtonen, Talo Kahdelle -blog

Putting the idea into practice

Give an interior wall a new lease of life in just a few hours with patterns!

Wall patterning


Divide the target wall by the height of the chosen pattern (in this case, 15cm) and add the thickness of the tape, i.e. 2.5cm = 17.5 cm. Make sure that the height of the wall contains a whole number of pattern rows to avoid the last row being cut in half. Change the height of the pattern according to how many rows will fit on the wall.


Use masking tape to make guidelines for your pattern. Cut out a 15cm piece of cardboard so that you don’t have to use a ruler every time.
Do the bottom row without tape, then measure 15cm and apply tape. Measure another 15cm and repeat until the entire space is taped.
You can press on the pattern freely between the tape; just don’t press the sponge onto the tape.

Leikkaa sieni haluamasi kuvion muotoiseksi.

Stir the paint and pour it into the roller tray. Cut the sponge into the shape you want.
A car wash sponge was used here. Test the patterns in advance on paper or paper plates so that you are confident when applying the pattern to the wall.


Press the sponge onto the walls to make the pattern. Use different sides of the sponge to make patterns of various sizes according to your preferences.


Helena’s WC wall pattern required 2.7 liters of semi-matt Remontti-Ässä paint in the color Keskiyö (Midnight). The makeover cost less than €50.

Talo Kahdelle blogin Helena Valtonen

IDEA IMPLEMENTED BY: Talo kahdelle (House for two) blogger Helena

The “Talo kahdelle” blog follows a colorful house building project.
The builders are graphic designer Helena Valtonen and her patient husband, who fortunately happens to be a carpenter.
Buugi the staffie also lends a paw. Read Helena’s thoughts on the project in her blog >>


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