Create esteemed living room with harmonic colours

Create esteemed living room with harmonic colours

Photographer and blogger Riikka Kantinkoski created calm living room with Color now 2017 Hazy-colour collection harmonic shades. Take color of the year cornerstone of decoration with these instructions!
Create a sense of the space with light Angora

“To maintain the spirit of high and open feeling, I chose the H466 Angora as my main color. The light color retained the height of the space, but at the same time the general softened and calmed atmosphere, ”says Riikka Kantinkoski. This year, Angora has been selected 2017 as the Color of the Year.

“The walls of the living room working space were painted with Nephrite and it created firmness in the space. In addition, the shades of Nephrite and Angora matched seamlessly, leaving the result calm. All in all, the space created a beautiful and cozy setting where you can entertain guests.”

beige wall in living room
beige living room wall
green study room wall

Get inspired of living room transformation by Riiikka

This is how you will implement Riikka's idea

Painting the wall

  1. Clean the surfaces of dirt and rule out the painted areas with masking tape
  2. Paint the wall with Tikkurila full matt Harmony-interior paint two times. Paint larger area with Angora shade and smaller area with grayish green Nefrite shade. Use extension rod and plenty of paint to achieve good result. Remember to finish with roll doing bottom-up strokes.


Painting the furniture

  1. Clean up the surfaces of dirt and sand it. Remove sanding dust.
  2. Primer the furniture with Otex Akva - primer paint.
  3. Paint the furniture 1-2 times with matt Helmi 10 - furniture paint using furniture roll and brush.


Idea Implemented by: Riikka Kantinkoski

Riikka Kantinkoski is a photographer, artist, stylist and blogger from Helsinki. Riikka runs a popular Weekdaycarnival blog where she talks about interior design, food-focused work projects, and light topics to help you get relax and wind down during hectic times.

Read Riikka's thoughts from this project in her blog


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