Create a refreshing home office blend of delicious red and cool blue-grey

Create a refreshing blend of delicious red and cool blue-gray

Interior designer Laura Räihä styled the fresh work space with trendy colours. Cool blue-grey and glowing red form an irresistible pair. Familiar shades from the Color Now 2017 collection suitably balance each other and bring freshness to the home.
A colour pair brings out the best in shades

M316 Tomato and K498 Haven pair was created in Color Now 2017 workshop. The pair combines glittering hot summer days at the beach with the most beloved jewelry treasures. Tomato can also be found in the Growth colour collection. Valkama is part of Hazy collection.

Colour chip collection table
painted shelves
painted shelves in a study room

How to implement the idea

Painting the wall

  1. Clean the surface of dirt and rule out painting area with masking tape.
  2. Paint the wall with Tikkurila full matt Harmony-interior painting wall two times in shade K498 Haven. Use extension rod and plenty of paint to get even result. Remember to finish the roll with bottom-up strokes.

Painting the furniture

  1. Clean the surface of dirt and sand it. Remove sanding dust.
  2. Primer the furnature with Otex Akva-adhesive primer paint.
  3. Paint the furniture 1-2 times with matt Helmi 10 furniture paint in shade M316 Tomato using furniture roll or furniture brush.

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