green wall with chair

Create a stylish look with green Nephrite and metallic shades

Viena K blogger Viena gave her living room a whole new look by painting the walls and her favorite objects. Her beloved pots and lampstand were given a coppery coat of paint.

The painted wall and color sample are exactly the same shade

Viena discovered the greenish shade N494 Nephrite on Tikkurila Feel the Color colour cardand in the Color Now 2017 color collection. Full-matt Harmony interior paint was chosen for the walls because the paint creates a sophisticated, velvety matt surface and smooths away any minor roughness on the surface.

When you choose a Tikkurila interior paint and tint it with a shade from the Feel the Color card, you can be sure that the color you choose will look exactly the same in your home as it does on the color chip - in all lighting conditions.


green wall with plants in front
green wall with a plant

Add a metallic sheen to the living room

Viena added the finishing touches to the result by painting a few pots and lampstands with Taika Helmiäismaali pearlescent paint in shades Copper and Gold. Tikkurila’s updated Taika colour card contains silver-based, light pearlescent shades and warm shades with a gold luster.

lamp stand painted with taika
taika paint and brush
wall before painting
Before paint
green wall with chair
After painting
washing the wall

Painting the wall


Wipe the surface of the wall clean. If the surface is clearly dirty, clean it using Tikkurila’s Maalipesu cleaning agent following the instructions on the label. Leave to dry.

Protect the floor with suitable paper before painting. Cover moldings and sockets with masking tape. If you had to level the wall surface or if the previous paint surface is dark in color, first apply a coat of Varma primer. Choose a shade of Varma primer that is close to the shade of the new topcoat.

painting the wall

Stir the Harmony interior paint and apply 2 coats using a roller. An extension pole will make it easier to paint. Harmony is recoatable within 1-2 hours of painting, so you can finish the wall in just a few hours.

object painted with taika paint

Painting the objects with Taika paint

1. Clean the surface of the objects you intend to paint.

2. Apply 1-2 coats of Taika Helmiäismaali pearlescent paint using an S1 brush.

Blogger Viena K

Idea implemented by: Viena K

Viena K is a blogger and esthetician who photographs and writes about style, interior design, food and life.

Read Viena's thoughts on the project in her blog >>


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