timeless kitchen makeover

Create a timeless makeover for your kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen doesn't have to be a long and expensive project. A drop of paint already does wonders for the look of the kitchen. The serene cuisine was created in colour N439 Abyss.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and its surfaces are heavily used. Updating the look of your kitchen surfaces gives your kitchen additional years without major renovations.

Combine cool and warm tones

This compact kitchen was refreshed with Helmi Kalustemaali colour N439 Abyss. With marble levels and warm background color, the end result is harmonious but interesting. Combine cooler dark tones with lighter warm tones to create an interesting combination of atypical colors.

Painted kitchen cabinets
Painted kitchen cabinets

Tip! Choose the same shade for kitchen cabinets and cabinet pullers, the overall look will be calm.

Painted kitchen wall and cabinets


The doorway is painted with Tikkurila H320 Magnolia. An unexpected combination occurs when you peek into the kitchen through a doorway.


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