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The classic look of a modern home is achieved through a combination of neutral tones and elegant accents. You can create a timeless interior by favoring refined details and a natural colour palette.


Dreaming of a timeless interior? Bring out the classic side of your home with subtle hues of beige, light grey and white. You'll find just the right shades in the colour palette of Tikkurila’s Classic style, which combines these neutral favorites with elegant dark grey, brown and red.

Get inspired and bring classic harmony to your everyday life.

feel the color classic

Peaceful atmosphere and composed décor

Let the same natural colour palette appear in the colours of the walls as well as in the furniture and interior details. This gives your home a serene atmosphere that invites to wind down.

A classic interior decoration suggests quiet confidence. Painting a room with neutral colours creates the perfect backdrop for impressive artwork and elegant furniture. For a harmonious interior, favour timeless furniture, interesting textures and soft details.

The space remains airy when you use clean, light colours and arrange the décor elements carefully. Understated minimalism and dignified classicism complement each other perfectly!

Colour inspiration from natural materials

A classic décor makes the space both cozy and impressive at the same time. In addition to neutral shades, natural materials are the style’s cornerstones. Seek inspiration for your painting project from beautiful and timeless materials like warm wood, cool marble, and pure cotton. Emphasize the colour of the walls with white skirtings and select subtle interior elements and romantic details for a classy look. 

feel the color classic
feel the color classic


feel the color classic style

Classic key colours

You create the timeless tranquility of the classic style with the shades X486 Median, F485 Damask and TIKB Tikkurila Beige.

A fascinating eye-catcher of the home is created by painting one wall of the room with a thoughtfully picked accent colour. Choose L481 Silhouette, the M425 Beetroot or the S500 Surf to complement the neutrals. A darker colour adds a beautiful contrast to the classic look.


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