feel the color nostalgic style

Feel the Color - Nostalgic

Nostalgia – that sentimental longing for the happiness of a former time or place – also serves as a delicious source of inspiration for the transformation of the home.

Nostalgic colour palettes are always current, so focus your attention to the past and pick your favourites of the mellow, earthy hues. Draw your inspiration from the key colours of Tikkurila’s Nostalgic style, which includes both calming shades of sand and brown as well as muted green and red.

feel the color nostalgic style
feel the color nostalgic style

Be charmed by the fabulous homes of the 1960’s and 70’s and take a step toward a bolder entity. The Nostalgic style is characterized by rooms painted in warm earthy colours and beautiful, timeless design. A unique home is a mixture of old and new, so let the spirit of last century appear in the details and décor and choose new furniture on the side of the retro.

feel the color nostalgic style
Nostalgic key colours

The light shades X394 Expance, H456 Straw and X457 Apatite in the Nostalgic style colour palette are your go-to shades when you want to create a gentle, peaceful atmosphere in your home. The bold side of the Nostalgic style is represented by the accent colours N405 Terracotta, L396 Beeswax and M386 Amazon.


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