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How to oil terrace - instructions and tips

Terrace oiling can be easy when you are equipped with good instruction, right products and tools.

1. Collect all the tools needed and make painting plan according to product instruction. Protect surrounding area such as glass or metal surfaces. Clean terrace thoroughly with brush.

2. Cleaning terrace with suitable detergent such as Tikkurila Homeenpoisto for a specific mold removing feature. 

For treated terrace, remove previous treatment surface by cleaning detergent and help of brushing. Make sure to remove old treatment completely and then rinse with water.

3. Oiling terrace with Valtti Plus Terrace Oil

  • Stir oil thoroughly before and during the oiling process.
  • Before oiling the whole terrace, make a small painting trial on invisible part of terrace to see the actual colour result. 
  • Spread oil by brush or sponge spatula evenly and make sure oil is absorbed into wood surfaces. Oil area at once.
  • Leave oiled surface for 15 minutes. Use lint-free cloth to wipe off excessive oil which cannot be absorbed.

Tips by experts

Terraces which are exposed to weather conditions will need yearly treatment.

Reserve enough terrace oil for the paint job to avoid possible colour difference from different oil batches.

Translucent colour of painted surface depends on wood natural colour and porosity. Always run a colour test on wood surface before making final colour choice.

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