5 tips on how to test the exterior paint colour

Not quite sure on the house's exterior colour? Follow these easy instructions and test the paint colour beforehand.

Testing exterior paint colour is an important step in wooden house painting project

Painting the house is a big investment that takes a lot of time, so be sure to test the colour properly before making the decision on the shade. By trying the colour in practice beforehand, you can make sure the colour complements the house and its surroundings, and you’ll also avoid the hassle of repainting the exterior.

The way you see colour is always affected by the lighting and the surrounding colours and elements. When you see the colour on the wall for a few days, you get a better idea of how it will appear in dawn, daylight, and dusk. Outdoors, colours usually appear brighter and lighter than those in hardware store colour chips.

Testing is easy and will only make the decision easier. Here are five tips on how to test the paint on your exterior walls.

testing house paint colour

Tips of how to test paint colour for wooden facade

1. There’s no need to wait for a perfect weather

Sometimes you get the inspiration for selecting the colour in the winter or when it’s stormy and rainy, and painting the exterior walls isn’t possible. You can always paint a separate piece of wood – preferably the same as your house exterior – indoors, and when it’s dry, place it next to the exterior. This way you can observe the colour in different lighting and weather conditions for a longer time.

2. When test painting, paint a large enough area

Applying a narrow strip of paint doesn’t show how it will look on the whole facade. Instead, paint a square metre of surface to see the colour on a larger scale. If possible, apply the paint on both sides of the house corner. This will help you see the colour a little differently depending on the direction of the sunlight.

Large, side by side colour comparison area gives good visual understanding of new painting project.

tips of how to test paint colour for wooden facade

3. If using a translucent finish, try it on a separate board

If you have a new and clean wooden facade, it’s possible to go for a translucent finish which shows the grain of the wood. With translucent stains, it’s best to make the test paint on a separate board of the same material as your house facade. The result is always affected by the colour underneath, and the translucent stain might absorb so deeply into the wood that it cannot be removed with sandpaper. Remember to apply two layers of stain to get the best possible result.

4. An opaque paint can be applied straight to the wall

Opaque paint is easy to apply straight on the house exterior. You’ll get a proper idea of the result, and there’s no need to sand the test layer before the actual painting. Two paint layers will cover the testing.

5. Choose the right paint and tools

The smallest can of paint or stain is enough for test painting. It’s wise to invest in a good quality paint brush already for testing the paint, so you’re able to use it for the whole facade when the final colour is decided.

Tikkurila Colour Master

Testing colours with Tikkurila Colour Master app

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