Old cabinet painted

A new look for a rustic cabinet

Inspired by Color Now 2018, Vihreä talo blogger Annika painted a new look for a rustic cabinet found in a flea market. Get inspired by the earthy tones of the Minerals collection and try furniture painting!

The rustic cabinet from the flea market was revived when Annika grabbed the brush. An eco-friendly Helmi 10 Kalustemaali furniture paint with a matt finish was chosen as the paint. The earthy shades of the old cabinet were found in the Color Now 2018 Minerals collection. The exterior of the cabinet has a warm gray V484 Driftwood colour and the sophisticated reddish clay tone S471 Etruscan adds character to the inside.

Colour chips at the table for choosing

Helmi is an environmentally friendly choice

Annika treated the cabinet with matt Helmi 10 Kalustemaali. In addition to the sophisticated matt finish, the water-borne Helmi 10 is almost odorless and dries quickly to a durable paint finish. Made in Finland with high quality raw materials, Helmi Kalustemaali has the Swan label and the M1 classification awarded by the Building Information Foundation, making it an environmentally sustainable choice. As a low-emission choice, Helmi  guarantees better indoor air quality and safer painting for the user.


Cabinet before painting
Before painting
Cabinet after painting
After painting

Durable and beautiful cabinet surface

Helmi 10 dries quickly and the new look for a flea market find comes ready in an instant. Tint the Helmi Pohjamaali (Primer) to the finish of the topcoat and you will get a covering and durable surface with fewer layers.

Putting the idea into practice:

Painting a rustic cabinet:

Preparation of the cabinet

Thoroughly wipe the surface with a diluted Tikkurila Maalipesu.

Sand the cabinet


Sand the surface carefully and remove the sanding dust.

Primed cabinet

Whenever you want to change the color of the furniture you are painting or are unsure about previous treatments, it is recommended to use a primer. The rustic cabinet found at the flea market was first painted with Helmi Pohjamaali, a tint that has the same color as the top coat.

finished cabinet

Paint the furniture 1-2 times with Helmi 10 Kalustemaali to ensure a matt finish. You can use both a furniture roller and a brush for painting.

Vihreä talo blogger

IDEA IMPLEMENTED BY: Vihreä talo (The Green House) 

Vihreä talo blogger Annika Meder-Liikanen lives in the city but is also at home in the fields. A wooden house in the country and a home in the city. Liters upon liters of cream paint and an endless passion for second-hand goods and old artefacts. 

Read Annika’s thoughts on the project in her blog>>


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