Ready-to-use, water-borne dust-binding agent.

  • Does not change the appearance of concrete
  • Stylish concrete surface
  • 1 h

Ready-to-use, water-borne dust-binding agent.

Product Features

Dust-binding of untreated rock material surfaces. Anti-Dust penetrates well into the pores of the substrate. Does not form a film-like surface or alter the original color of the surface.

Recommended Uses

Concrete, plaster, filler and tile surfaces and most common mineral plates on wall and ceiling surfaces in dry interior spaces. Also suitable for the treatment of concrete floors and exterior spaces that are protected from the strain caused by weather conditions.


4–8 m²/l. The roughness and porosity of the surface to be treated affect the coverage.



Does not change the appearance of concrete

Anti-Dust is a dust-binding agent for aggregate-coated walls and ceilings as well as for concrete floors in dry interior spaces and exterior spaces that are protected from weather exposure.

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anti-dust agent

Stylish concrete surface

Anti-Dust maintains the concrete surface without changing its original color or appearance.

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concrete floor painting

Stylish concrete surface

In addition to trendy concrete surfaces, Anti-Dust is suitable for dust-binding in garages and storage spaces, for instance.

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Anti-Dust dust-binding agent

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