Feelings Interior Paint

Waterborne acrylate paint

EU Ecolabel
Key FlagKey Fl
Polish Hygenic Certification
  • Easy to wash
  • Long lasting effect
  • Certified with eco-labels


  • Full matt


Waterborne acrylate paint

Product Features

Full-matt low-odour waterborne acrylate paint for use on interior walls and ceilings. Offers good wash-resistance. Suitable for plaster, concrete, filler treated, brick, cardboard surfaces, also for card-boarded gypsum board, chipboard and wooden fibre board surfaces. Suitable for new and previously painted surfaces. Not suitable for painting doors or furniture.

Recommended Uses

For use on interior walls and ceilings.


10-12 m²/l for non-absorbing surfaces 8-9 m²/l for absorbing surfaces The above should be used as a guide, as actual spreading rates will depend upon many factors including texture, porosity and application method.



Application Method

brush, spraying

Easy to wash

Feelings Interior Paint forms a velvety finish that is easy to keep clean. The paint provides good wash-resistance for interior walls and ceilings.

Long lasting effect

This waterborne paint creates long-lasting velvety effect on surfaces. Full-matt Feelings Interior Paint is suitable for new and previously painted walls and ceilings.

Certified with eco-labels

The low-odour Feelings Interior Paint formula has very low VOC-emission level. This is proved by M1 and EU Ecolabel certificates.


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