Luja Yleispohjamaali

Acrylic primer. The product contains an anti-mold agent that protects the paintwork.

M1 Avainlippu
  • 805
  • 8 m²/l
  • 2 h
  • 0.5 h


  • Full matt


Acrylic primer. The product contains an anti-mold agent that protects the paintwork.

Product Features

For priming concrete, plaster, filler-treated, brick, cardboard, chipboard, gypsum board and woodfiber board surfaces. Suitable for both new and previously painted surfaces. Also adheres well to previously painted clean dispersion, alkyd, epoxy and acid-cured paint surfaces.

Recommended Uses

Wall and ceiling surfaces in interior spaces. Suitable as a primer for Luja finishing paints and Tikkurila interior acrylic paints. Also under wallpapers.


Theoretical coverage: 8 m²/l. Practical coverage depends on the application method, conditions, shape and roughness of the surface to be treated.



Application Method

spraying, brush, roller

With anti-mold & fungi agent

High-quality universal primer Luja Yleispohjamaali contains an anti-mold agent that protects the painted surface from mold. The primer under the durable Luja interior paints provides additional protection for painted walls and ceilings.

Product usp1consumer_img
swimming hall

Can be used under wallpapers

The extra durable primer Luja Yleispohjamaali can be used under wallpaper, as it does not soften during wallpaper applicaiton. Priming the walls before wallpapering makes it easier to apply and remove wallpaper.

Product usp2consumer_img
base paint

Perfect result with Luja top coat

Luja Yleispohjamaali adheres tightly to the surface and evens out the absorbency of porous surfaces which makes it easier to apply Luja interior paints.

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wet surfaces

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