Lumi Extra White

Extremely white and well-covering acrylate paint for interior use.

  • Deep snow white
  • Range of beautiful off-white shades
  • Excellent hiding power
  • 805
  • 10 m²/l
  • 12 m²/l
  • 2 h
  • 0.5 h


  • Full matt


Extremely white and well-covering acrylate paint for interior use.

Product Features

Suitable for the interior painting of plaster, concrete, filler-treated, brick, cardboard, wood surfaces, cardboard-covered plasterboard, chipboard and wood fiberboard. Suitable for both new and previously painted surfaces. Not suitable for painting doors and furniture.

Recommended Uses

Walls in living rooms and bedrooms and other similar dry facilities.


Theoretical coverage 10-12 m2/L. Practical coverage depends on the application method, conditions, shape and roughness of the surface to be treated.



Application Method

spraying, brush, roller

Deep snow white

Due to special pigment distribution in paint formulation Lumi Extra White is visibly whiter than ordinary interior wall paints. Brilliant white paint scatters light more, giving more light and shadow of snowdrift in your room.

Product usp1consumer_img
Lumi in bedroom

Range of beautiful off-white shades

Sophisticated white surface of Lumi Extra White is perfect as such, if you want walls to be pure white. Or Lumi Extra White can be tinted in light shades, that will bring space and freshness to the room.

Product usp2consumer_img
Lumi color map

Excellent hiding power

Lumi Extra White has excellent hiding power that covers all imperfections and makes your walls perfectly even.

Product usp3consumer_img
lumi livingroom

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