Valtti Akvabase

Waterborne priming oil for wood.

  • User-friendly
  • Use any coating you wish
  • 805
  • 4 l/m²
  • 5 l/m²
  • 24 h
  • 0.5 h

Waterborne priming oil for wood.

Product Features

For protection and priming of timber and wooden structures before surface treatment. Suitable for sawn and planed timber, logs, thermally treated and impregnated wood in exterior use. Not to be used in interior surfaces. Not to be used on wood in direct contact with foodstuffs or animal nutrition. Use the product only as wood preservative as described in product data sheet and label. Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Finishing coats are recommended to be applied as soon as possible, because colourless priming oil does not protect the wood surface from the adverse effects of sunlight.

Recommended Uses

All wooden structures to be treated with wood stains or paints (except surfaces to be treated with wood oils and barn-red paints) and exterior woodwork. Can be used on wood components above grounds. Not for use on wood in direct soil contact or in marine environment.


0.18-0.22 l/m²

Application Method

brush, spraying


Valtti Akvabase is absorbed into untreated timber or board surfaces just like the traditional Valtti Pohjuste (Primer).

Product usp1consumer_img
valtti color on log

Use any coating you wish

Waterborne Valtti Akvabase is pleasant to use, and the tools are easy to clean with just soap and water even in the basic conditions at the summerhouse.

Product usp2consumer_img
painting with valtti

Use any coating you wish

A wooden surface treated with protective Valtti Akvabase primer can be treated with any water- or solvent-borne stain or paint. It is essential to apply the topcoat as soon as possible after priming.

Product usp3consumer_img
cabing painted with valtti

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