Yki Aitokivi

Water-borne stone coating. Maximum grain size approx. 1.5 mm.

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  • Unique, tintable stone coating
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Water-borne stone coating. Maximum grain size approx. 1.5 mm.

Product Features

For coating of concrete structures, concrete and construction block surfaces and construction board surfaces rendered with a cement-rich mortar; socle and wall surfaces.

Recommended Uses

Residential, commercial, industrial and storage buildings and others.


2.5-3.5 kg/m² when applied once with a trowel and 3.5-4.5 kg/m² when applied twice or sprayed. Coverage is affected by the roughness and porosity of the surface.



Application Method

spraying, steel trowel


Protect from frost. Temperature of the product or can may not exceed +35 °C. Not to be stored in sunlight even under a cover. A tinted coating or a coating in a poorly closed or incomplete can does not sustain long-term storage.

Unique, tintable stone coating

Yki Aitokivi (Real Stone) is a patented natural stone coating that creates an attractive and protective genuine stone surface on socles. The ready-made natural stone mass can be applied to the surface directly out of the can with a steel trowel. Even amateur painters can do it.

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Yki Aitokivi

Yki Aitokivi (Real Stone) is made from genuine crushed stone. Its four standard colors come directly from the Finnish landscape: Red granite from Taivassalo, black gabbro from Hyvinkää, gray granite from Kalanti, and light limestone from Parainen. The gray and light standard colors can be tinted to the colors of the Yki Aitokivi Real Stone color card without losing their luster and their natural stone appearance.

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Yki Aitokivi

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Yki Aitokivi

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