From a trend to a staple colour: Lilac

Lilac is evolving from a digital trend to a desirable interior colour. See how you can integrate gentle lilac hues to your home with Tikkurila’s colour options.

We have witnessed how lilac has mesmerised us this year. Trending lilac hues can be seen all over the internet and now they have become trendy in interior design as well. Providing a range of possibilities and positivity, lilac can give a subtle splash of colour to any space.

Different shades of lilac conjure up images of flowers. They immediately remind us of the vibrant scent of lilac or stunning lavender, and fields of violets. 

Lilac can be used in many forms as it complements other colours perfectly. It’s the perfect tone for creating a serene and calm atmosphere, whether you plan to use it for particular details or on larger surfaces.

Keep on reading to see our picks from Tikkurila’s lilac options. 

Lilac hues in interior colour

Calm with the perfect hint of cool. J426 Lilac is the right choice when you want to achieve a composed grey finish. This colour transforms the abundant feeling of the lilacs' bloom into a smooth and welcoming tone.

You can use the colour to paint the whole room – including furniture – or highlight monochromatic ornaments. J426 Lilac can also be used together with clashing colours, for example by using L418 Nectar on a piece of furniture or to highlight your vintage pieces, as displayed in the images below.

Delicate Lilac for cosy interior

Smell the sweet and rich scent of purple lilacs. The hazy grayish J426 Lilac is, despite its coolness, inviting and accessible.

Soothing and gentle violet

If you are looking for a slightly more gentle shade of lilac, Y344 Violet could be just the right fit. This delightful colour doesn’t take over the space but adds the perfect amount of glimmer to it.

To complement this gentle, flower-like hue, combine it with colours that have a similar calmness. One example is portrayed below, where Y344 Violet is combined with gentle green and yellow details, but also with tones familiar from nature.

Delicate like the soft petal of a forest violet. This cool and hazy lilac is at its best on large wall surfaces.

Trendy purple lavender for a fun interior design

Evoking memories of the scent of lavender and a sense of bright happiness, X344 Minuet is an excellent choice when you are really enthusiastic about lilac tones. It’s a bright, fun and vivid shade that elevates the entire space,

One of the best features of X344 Minuet is that it can be combined with other bright colours or multicoloured interior pieces. It draws the attention of the viewer to the entire space, and not just to itself. 

Your personal lilac dream

To find the right lilac shade for your home, explore Tikkurila’s colour collections such as Feel the Color 2020 or the collaborative collection Tikkurila X Marie Olsson-Nylander. There you can find more options, including darker tones, to create your own kind of lilac or purple dream.


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