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5 tips in choosing living room colour

Choosing living room colour can be challenging considering the amount of furniture and materials used. Tikkurila colour expert can give tips in choosing just the right colours to your living room.

There are many purposes of living room, there people rest, entertain and spend quality time together or simply by oneself. Furnitures are also elements that came along with journey of life, some newly found and some others a long time desire. Choosing of wall colour can be particularly challenging with number of elements to consider. 


Tikkurila colour experts give 5 tips which will make your choice of living room wall colour easy!

1. Listen to your own style

What suits one doesn't necessarily fits all. When making plan for living room colour palette, think of what colour you like and fit your personal style the best, what colour makes you feel comfortable and content. It is your home, make it your own kingdom. 

If you like textures and desire interior elements, try out with Tikkurila effect painting ideas. Even low-key colours can be lively with help of texture and different painting techniques. You will learn more about this from Tikkurila Unique concept. 

2. Think of atmosphere 

How is the lighting in living room? Lighting and colour together create living room's atmosphere. Do you want cool & calm, warmly soft, embracing or spacious feeling in your living room? When you have a good picture in mind of the feelings you want to create, you may then move on to choose the right colour. 

3. Check colour cards in your living room

Choose the colour in the environment where the colour will be used, among furniture, textiles and lighting in the room. See what kind of feelings the colour gives you and how it looks in the environment. 

4. Glossy or matt - choose gloss level based on practicality 

Full matt Harmony interior paint presents colours calmly and smoothly. It is a beautiful and relaxed solution for instance for living room where walls are not constantly in hard usage.

For family with small children or other demanding situations, it is recommended to choose paint gloss level whilst paying attention to practicality. Semi matt and matt surfaces endure wiping better than full matt.

5. Try out bravely 

Choose a colour that is for yourself and your family, not for others. It is OK to be playful with colours and walls don't need to be in the same colour forever. Colour can be always changed along with style and taste changing. You may add in or eliminate colours to reflect personal feelings. 


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