living room in Tikkurila White

Freshen up your living room with Tikkurila White

Spring made Oblik. blogger Jutta long for some light in her living room, so she painted her walls a fresh white. The new white shade is a perfect match for the white colour of the door frame and skirting.

It was easy to choose a white


Choosing a white colour may seem challenging. Jutta relied on Tikkurila colour experts to choose the right white, and painted her living room in the soft white Tikkurila White shade. The full-matt Harmony interior paint displays the sophisticated warmth of Tikkurila White in just the right way.

livingroom in tikkurila white

Tikkurila White acts as an easy background for a wide variety of interior design and it is a nice match for the white colour of the skirting, unlike painter’s white which tends a little towards gray. In addition, the coverage of Tikkurila White is excellent. 

Tikkurila interior wall paints can be tinted with Tikkurilan White.

livingroom wall with paintings
livingroom wall painted with tikkurila white
Living room before
livingroom wall painted with tikkurila white
Living room after
Putting the idea into practice

Turn your room’s walls a fresh white in just a few hours.

washing the wall

1. Clean

Wipe the surface of the wall clean. If the surface is clearly dirty, clean it using Tikkurila Maalipesu cleaning agent following the instructions on the label. Leave to dry.

protect with masking tape

2. Protect

Protect the floor with suitable paper before painting. Cover moldings and sockets with masking tape. If you had to level the wall surface or if the previous paint surface is dark in color, first apply a coat of Varma primer. Choose a shade of Varma primer that is close to the shade of the new topcoat.

painting the wall

3. Apply with a brush

Stir the Harmony interior paint and pour it into a roller tray coated with a plastic bag. This makes it easy to pour any remaining paint back into the tin. Paint the edges of the wall with a brush for a well-finished result.


painting the wall

4. Apply with a roller

Using a roller and extension pole, apply 2 coats to achieve a full-matt finish. Harmony is re-coatable 1-2 hours after painting.

Idea Implementer: Jutta from -blog

Blogger Jutta Karihtala is future designer, interior designer someone who loves detail, DIY- project specialist and passionate decorator. Oblik is interior-blog, where ideas are shared with a big smile.

Read Jutta's thoguhts about this project in her blog


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