socle in old farmhouse

Grey foundation for the house

Popular blogger Susanna Vento gathered friends and family to paint the facade of the wooden building black and the socle a matching grey with Yki Sokkelimaali.

The right grey was found on Tikkurila Deco Grey colour card

People often select a darker shade for the socle so that the building will not seem like it is "floating" in the air. However, to ensure a fresh look, Susanna chose to contrast the powerful black walls with a light gray socle, colour 1928 in the Deco Grey colour card. The easy-to-use and tintable Yki Sokkelimaali will protect the foundation of the building. In addition, the surface treatment provides the finishing touch to your house and its appearance. 

The barn stands on an old farm that belongs to Susanna’s family and welcomes the whole family every summer. Susanna Vento and her mother and sister were looking for a summer home and they found the farm with a large garden, a vegetable patch and a field in 2012. They have already done some work on the interior surfaces. This summer it was time to work on the barn facade: the wall surfaces, windows, doors and socle. 

light grey socle in a farm house
painting the light grey socle

Putting the idea into practice 

Painting the socle:

Sokkelin esikäsittely


Wash the old paint surface and brush the dirt away.

Painting the old socle

Paint the socle surface once with Yki Sokkelimaali. If the color is very different from the old color, or if the surface is very worn, you should apply two coats of the socle paint. 

Blogger Susanna Vento


Interior designer, stylist and journalist Susanna Vento from Helsinki has become known for her popular Varpunen blog and books OK. Omin Käsin and Green Home Book. Admire Susanna's classic and creative style on the Varpunen blog, which features stylish low-cost and low-effort projects. 

Read Susanna’s thoughts on the project in her blog>>


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