Popular wooden facade colour red D110

Popular wooden facade colour - red D110 Menninkäinen

Red continues to be a popular exterior colour for wooden facades. There is a long tradition of using red colour, and it is most typical as the heart of the Nordic landscape.

While the red facade colour is a sure choice for the lover of the traditional style, this darker version is also well suited as the colour for a modern wooden house.

D110 Menninkäinen, found on our Wooden Houses colour card, is a stylish broken red with a cool tone. This tone is well suited to both the natural environment and the modern built environment. The darker red blends beautifully with the colours of nature in different seasons and the colour choice withstands time. The colours of the other surfaces of the house are easy to build around red according to the desired style.

wooden facade colour palette

How to combine colours with red D110 Menninkäinen

The red D110 Menninkäinen is a classic for wooden facades.

The lover of the modern and streamlined style combines the red facade with the blue-grey Q859 Myrskylintu and the whole is complete. The grey roof, details, doors, windows and sockel make the whole simple and elegant, and the shape of the building and the structure of the surfaces stand out.

Fans of the more traditional style choose the white Q818 Tiira or the very light grey Q698 Tilhi for window frames and weatherboards and other details. The blue-grey Q859 Myrskylintu also suits the roof in this option. Light grey or blue-grey can be tested on the sockel, depending on the style and dimensions of the building.


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