Parketti-Ässä Petsi

Water-borne acrylic stain.

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Parketti-Ässä Petsi

Water-borne acrylic stain.

  • 8015
  • 15 m²/l
  • 25 m²/l
  • 4 h
  • 1 h

Water-borne acrylic stain.

Product Features

Suitable for treating sanded wooden floors prior to finishing with Parketti-Ässä floor lacquer. First test the product in a small area to ensure that it is suitable for the surface. The product is not suitable for diamond pine, smoked oak and brown beech surfaces, for example.

Recommended Uses

Parquet floors and floor boards.


Brush application: 15–20 m²/l. Flotex spreader application: 20–25 m²/l.

Application Method

brush, spatula

Emphasizes the wood structure​

Parketti-Ässä Petsi emphasizes the wood structure​. The product is suitable for staining sanded or bare wooden floors as well as furniture, such as tables, chairs, and other plain wooden surfaces.

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wood surface

Wide range of colours​

Tint your floors with Parketti-Ässä Petsi to match with your interior decor. The lacquer can be tinted to the colours in the Tikkurila´s interior wood stains and lacquers colour card. The colour card includes 36 translucent shades.

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wood floor

Protection with Parketti-Ässä top coat

For perfect result use with Parketti-Ässä top coat to protect the wooden surface, giving the floor a stunning appearance and preventing it from yellowing.

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