Pontti Floor Oil

Natural oil for floors.

  • Keeps natural look of the wood
  • Contains natural oils
  • Repels dirt and water
  • 20 m²/l
  • 40 m²/l
  • 12 h
  • 48 h

Natural oil for floors.

Product Features

Natural oil for wooden floors that contains wax. Keeps natural look of the wood. Oiled floor effectively repels water and dirt and it is easy to wash.

Recommended Uses

For interior wooden floors and stairs.


First application: Approx. 30 - 50 ml/m² correspond to approx. 20 m²/l, depending on the absorbency of the substrate. Second application: 20 - 25 ml/m² correspond to approx. 40 m²/l.



Keeps natural look of the wood

With colorless oil for wooden floors, you can emphasize the natural look of the wood. Pontti Floor Oil leaves the wood fibers attractively visible, maintaining the natural look of the wood structure. And the feel of wood can be felt on both board and timber surfaces.

Contains natural oils

Pontti Floor Oil contains natural oils such as linseed oil and wood oils, that is perfect for indoor use. Protecting wooden floors with a special floor oil treatment ensures a protective and decorative wood finish.

Repels dirt and water

Natural, wood oil protects the wood from moisture and dirt, preventing it from settling in the wood. The oil creates a durable surface that repels dirt and water, keeping the wood clean and dry. Pontti Floor Oil is suitable for all heavily used wooden surfaces, such as wooden floors, stairs, worktops, shelves, doors, and furniture indoors.


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