Siro Himmeä

Non-reflective ceiling paint.

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Siro Himmeä

Non-reflective ceiling paint.

  • 8 m²/l
  • 11 m²/l
  • 4 h
  • 0.5 h


  • Full matt


Non-reflective ceiling paint.

Product Features

For interior painting of concrete, plaster, filler-treated, brick, cardboard, chipboard, plasterboard and wood fiberboard surfaces according to instructions. Also suitable for repainting previously painted surfaces.

Recommended Uses

For ceilings in dry interior spaces.


Theoretical coverage 8-12m2/l. Practical coverage depends on the application method, conditions, absorbency and roughness of the surface to be treated.

Application Method

brush, roller, spraying

Full-matt quality

Siro Himmeä does not splash or form stripes when applied with a roller. It is very easy to work with – give it a try and be surprised!

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siro roof

An environmentally friendly choice

Siro Himmeä produces a full-matt non-reflective surface that smooths out minor defects in the substrate. The paint does not need to be tinted.

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painting ceiling with siro himmeä

An environmentally friendly choice

Siro Himmeä has been granted the Swan Label as well as an M1 category for its low emissions.

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siro himmea ceiling
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