Tunto Hieno

Water-borne acrylate coating.


Tunto Hieno

Water-borne acrylate coating.

  • 805
  • 1 m²/l
  • 9 m²/l
  • 5 h
  • 1 h


  • Full matt


Water-borne acrylate coating.

Product Features

For new or previously painted concrete, plaster, brick, wooden fiberboard, gypsum board or chipboard surfaces when a textured coating is desired. Tunto Hieno fine texture finish can also be applied to ceilings.

Recommended Uses

Walls and ceilings in dry interior spaces.


1-9m²/l Varies greatly depending on the painting method - Thick rolling 1-1.5m²/l - Thin rolling 4-5 m²/l - Brushing 2-2.5m²/l - Thick spatula 2-2.5m²/l - Thin spatula 7-9m²/l

Application Method

brush, roller, trowel

Unlimited application possibilities

The surface of Tunto Hieno (Fine) is attractively porous and full matt. This makes it ideal for imitating concrete, for example. Use several shades of gray and a steel trowel for application. More detailed instructions can be found in the Tunto guide.

Product usp1consumer_img
steel throwel application

Color and surface in interaction

The three-dimensional effect of a Tunto surface is created in application. You can shape the surface with a steel trowel, rubber spatula, notched trowel, brush, or broom. You can find examples in the guide and the Ideas for Painting section on our website.

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shaped surface

Color and surface in interaction

The color scale of the Tunto products exudes the tranquility of mountain ranges formed over millions of years and the power crystallized in minerals. The Tunto color card features a magnificent range of earthy colors from subtle to strong.

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grey shade of tunto
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